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For the first time in Srilanka ,an Organic Garbage Agricultural waste Recycling Project with the aid of Japanese Technology was ceremonially inaugurated in Aluthwatte ,Digana in the Central Pronince in29th April 2016under the Japan Official Development Assistance (ODA) Grant Aid.

This Screw Type Composting plant with Financial support from the Japanese Government with Technical aid and advise from KAWASHIMA COMPANY in Japan and locally supervised by Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) donated to the Srilanka Government. This project a brainchild of the Chief Minister of the Central Province Hon.Sarath Ekkanayake was implemented by the Central Provincial Councils with the assistance of Kundasale and Pathadumbara Pradeshiya Sabah.

Envir Solutions lanka Japan (private) Ltd incorporated in 05th Feb of 2016 as a Private limited Company under the Companies Act no 7 of 2007 in Srilanka .

Envir Solutions lanka Japan (private) Ltd. Has been in operation since the first year. we are well aware of client requirements and are geared to perform the most challenging projects with Local government in Central Province with financially supported by the Government of Japan and Technologies by Ms.Kawasima company ltd Japan, Project Supervision by Japan International Co-operative Agency in Srilanka (JICA) donated to the Government of Srilanka in Central Province Kundasale and Pahathadumbara Pradeshiya Sabha forrecycling Project of organic Garbage and Agricultural Waste by Screw Type Composing Plant .IN Kandy District.

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Collect and disposal of mixed municipal solid waste.

waste conversion into substitution combustibles as alternative sources of energy and trade goods such as Bio -Ethanol , Heating Pellets, Fertilizers, Hydrogen, animal food, irrigation systems.

Generator of electrical energy from the mixed municipal solid waste

sell the renewal energy [power] produced to the Ceylon Electricity Board to sell or otherwise dispose of all by products generated by the waste processing facility including energy slag , ash and scrap metals at such price and to such individual company , corporation , partnership or other entity as it may be deemed appropriate.

Collect and disposal of Hospital Waste

There are four types of Hospital waste infectious ,sharps , Pathological and radioactive. when burned the hospital waste and medical /infectious waste emit numerous air pollutants , including hydrochloric acid, dioxin /furan and toxic metals[lead, caldium and mercury.

Collect and disposal of wood waste.

The volume of fruit and nut tree trimmings , the opportunity the phromex technology creates is significant . because of the woods' dense structure and high oil content , the energy value contained is extremely high and a significant amount of syngas and electrical energy can be generated.


1. To amalgamate or collaborates or enter into partnership with any local or foreign company , firm, person or persons having objects altogether or in part similar to the company.

2. To explore foreign markets to obtain trade connections and agencies in connection with the business of the Company.

3. To procure the Company to be registered, incorporated or other wise empowered or represented in any country or place outside Sri Lanka.

4. To apply for purchase or otherwise acquire any patents , bravets d' invention , trade marks, trade secrets, licenses , concessions and the like , conferring any exclusive or non - exclusive or limited right to their use.

5. To establish branches of the Company either in Sri Lanka or in any part of the world as the company may determine.

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